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About Atmos-Tech Industries


Atmos-TechOur philosophy is one of single-source responsibility. We at Atmos-Tech Industries pride ourselves on our team approach to complete in-house design and production. Our team of experienced professionals works to provide the highest quality products the industry has to offer by giving significant attention to the needs of the customer. We do not involve outside contractors. This allows your Atmos-Tech Industries team to take full responsibility for all of your company's needs and enables us to answer all of your questions. We attribute our success to the more than forty years we have devoted to our customers utilizing this philosophy.

Atmos-Tech Industries has built its reputation by producing original custom designs using the most advanced technology available. Our modern design and manufacturing technology assures peak proficiency by providing a smooth transition between the design and manufacturing teams. This team approach gets our equipment built, tested, shipped, delivered and certified, when required, per the job's specifications, all with the highest level of undivided attention and accountability.

The design of each cleanroom or laminar flow unit must be specific to the task. We manufacture in stainless steel, aluminum, painted galvannealed steel, laminated particle board, or Poly-Pro as per our customers' requirements. We build floor-supported or ceiling-suspended units, making provisions for adaptation of the design if unit relocation at later date may be necessary.

When upgrading or redesigning an existing cleanroom, Atmos-Tech Industries skill and experience will direct even the most complicated renovation, regardless of whether or not the original equipment was an Atmos-Tech Industries design. An additional piece of equipment, an upgrading of cleanliness standards, or a modification of an existing process, all fit within the scope or our services.

At your request we will provide a list of satisfied customers who will surely speak highly of Atmos-Tech Industries capabilities, performance, and customer service.

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Pharmaceutical Drug Packaging Veterinary Medicine
Micro Electronics Forensic Sciences Automotive
Aerospace Healthcare Food Processes
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Atmos-Tech Industries | Designers & Manufacturers of Controlled Environments